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Micro vas treatment, diabetic neuropathy
Therapy can help you fast if you suffer from neuropathy, tendonitis, or have a sports injury, or even a non-healing wound  ! 

MicroVascular Therapy (MVT)
MicroVas is a patented, non-invasive treatment device, that delivers a deeply penetrating electrical waveform, that drains the venous beds and raises oxygen levels in damaged tissue to accelerate healing.  An important new tool in the treatment of neuropathy, non-healing wounds, repetitive motion disorders, fibromyalgia, sports injuries and many other conditions related to vascular insufficiency, MicroVas’ therapeutic effects are dramatic and long lasting.
How Micro Vas Works
           Unlike other forms of electrical stimulation which penetrate only a fraction of an inch and which have both positive and negative electrodes on the same surface, MicroVas treatments pass completely through the limb or body area under treatment. The emitter pads are always 180° from each other and are usually placed in multiples to treat an entire limb or body area. 
As the treatment  begins you begin to feel the pulses of MicroVas therapy, your body will begin to relax. By using a digital current source to stimulate neuromuscular contractions that drive the venous muscle pumps, MicroVas therapy improves blood flow and tissue oxygenation, which in turn helps stimulate angiogenesis (a healing and rebuilding mechanism) within the body. MicroVas therapy creates strong, yet relaxing, contractions in skeletal muscle which can benefit people with problems relating to muscle tone, atrophy, tissue damage and/or strength.
What are the health benefits of Microvas Therapy?
1. Increased Circulation: MicroVascular therapy immediately and dramatically increases blood flow which perfuses the capillary beds and elevates tissue oxygenation, aids in fibroblast proliferation and collagen formation, upregulates platelet derived growth factors and boosts transcapillary exchange of nutrients.
2. Involuntary Exercise: Retrains and rebuilds muscle, aids in restoring flexion, range of motion and strength. Elevates metabolism and production of local metabolites.
3. Lymphatic Drainage: Boosts lymphatic drainage from 10-fold to 30-fold, which relieves swelling and inflammation, decompresses nerves in constricted spaces and boosts the body's immune responses.
4. Pain Management: Palliative effects of MicroVas therapy include the blocking of neurological transmission of pain signals and stimulation of endorphins
Each session only last about 45 minutes. Although many people report they experience some benefit with their first treatment, MicroVas therapy has a cumulative effect. Therefore, for  best results, a series of at least 20 treatments done within a relatively short time from (two to three times per week) are recommended.

People suffering from the following conditions experience the most benefit:
    Diabetic Neuropathy -The MicroVas System shows amazing success in improving neuropathy in the feet of diabetics. In follow up on this condition, improvement has persisted out to four years. To our knowledge, there is no current technology or treatment modality that can reverse diabetic neuropathy. This appears to be a therapeutic benefit unique to MicroVas. It is not known yet how this is occurring. It may be due to improvement in the circulation that nourishes the nerves or an unknown direct action on the nerves. 
Our oofices are offering MicroVas therapy to treat diabetic peripheral neuropathy and chronic wounds. It has been well established that many complications of diabetes is due to small vessel (microvascular) disease. This non-invasive treatment has been effective in reducing or eliminating the pain and numbness of peripheral neuropathy. It has also been extremely successful in healing chronic wounds. MicroVas therapy uses a digital wave to penetrate the limb and cause an increase of oxygen flowing to the nerves or wounds. We have been using this technology for since the beinning of the year, with fantastic results.~ Disease Atrophy
Other conditions like:Slow Non-Healing WoundsSports Injuries (Sprains, Strains, Spasms and Tears)Get back in the game faster. R.I.C.E. and MicroVas is better. Conventional treatment+ MicroVas works by decreasing the inflammatory process. It keeps the muscles working until conventional therapy and exercise can be done
Tarsal Tunnel Syndromes
Impaired Circulation
Peripheral Vascular DiseaseTendonitis & Bursitus
Pressure UlcersPlantar Fasciitis
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